RY Dela Cruz

4 days in Seoul

I will start this post by saying, if you have plans on going to Tokyo anytime soon, but also have Seoul in your travel list, I suggest you go to South Korea first. Trust me on this! While both countries have issues with each other, they have long intertwined history. If you look closely enough, their traditional dresses, food, architecture look a like. Both countries will definitely argue the differences…

San Rafael River Adventure

Try it for a weekend My friends and I were looking to spend one Saturday in a different place while still being outdoorsy and not just lounge in a pool. I have heard about this place in San Rafael, Bulacan that wasn’t so far from Manila and that it had a ton of activities that we can try out. Upon our arrival, the place looked a lot different from what

Bali, Indonesia for 5 days

Indonesia has 17,508 islands with hundreds of beautiful locations to visit and enjoy for any short or long holiday. I have had a chance to live in Jakarta in the past and it is very much reminiscent of Manila, the hustle and bustle of its downtown metropolis, the traffic jam and even some of the words they speak mimic that of ours! Indonesia is so much like Manila and the

Bangkok in 4 days

Also known as the City of Angels, is a place I’d go back to anytime of the year. (Well, despite the heat!)  This is my fourth trip to Thailand, and third in Bangkok in last couple years. I can say that the moment you enter their airport you can immediately feel the vibe and the distinct culture of Thailand. It is mysterious, inviting and intriguing at the same time. Coming

Sola Iced Tea!

Loving any season is easier with Sola Iced Tea. Sola Iced Tea in can is available at all branches of 711 nationwide, Landmark, Unimart, Cash and Carry, Makati Supermarket, All Day and Robinsons Supermarkets in Metro Manila.Go get yours now!


Cable Car has been a staple name in the bar and restaurant industry since 1992. It is one of the pioneer restobars existing in the Metro, well known by several generations of loyal customers for its San Francisco pub ambiance, Beer Pong and its crave-worthy food; serving millions of customers with impeccable service for over two decades now. On February 8, Cable Car launched their 5th branch in Metro Manila. And

Subic, my all time favorite!

For beach addicts like myself, I need a beach fix almost every couple of weeks. Thank God Subic isn’t th at far and it never fails in providing me with the necessary reboot before I head back to reality. A three-3 day weekend— awesome!!Upon arrival, we spent the first few hours roaming around Subic as we wait for our check-in at Camayan Beach Resort.First order of business: Food!Food options in

Palawan for 5 days!

 I didn’t have the time to get the itinerary fixed for this trip, so I asked someone to organize it for me. Luckily they found CAB Travel and Tours​ and we booked everything through them except the flights.Palawan was definitely a revelation. I would often forget that I am in the Philippines and would think that I was in Bali or Phuket. Thanks to the agency, this trip was hassle free.Planning


What started out as an attempt to break the monotony on how I spend my weekends has turned into somesort of a stress reliever for me. I spend 1-4 hours on the man made lakes of Pradera in Lubao, Pampanga or in Nuvali, Santa Rosa. I have come to love this sport. The sport itself is unforgiving, it’s not easy at the onset, I appreciated the challenge it brings. Inspite

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