My Lambana experience

When I first heard about the immersive theater called Tipsy Tales, I thought it was going to be a cheesy Filipino style horror walk through attraction.You know that one we all grew up with, the loud screams, running around and things being thrown around matched with creepy sounds to complete the horror effects.Boy I was in for a surprise! Tipsy Tales’ Lambana was a mix of good old Filipino folklore

San Rafael River Adventure

Try it for a weekend My friends and I were looking to spend one Saturday in a different place while still being outdoorsy and not just lounge in a pool. I have heard about this place in San Rafael, Bulacan that wasn’t so far from Manila and that it had a ton of activities that we can try out. Upon our arrival, the place looked a lot different from what

Subic, my all time favorite!

For beach addicts like myself, I need a beach fix almost every couple of weeks. Thank God Subic isn’t th at far and it never fails in providing me with the necessary reboot before I head back to reality. A three-3 day weekend— awesome!!Upon arrival, we spent the first few hours roaming around Subic as we wait for our check-in at Camayan Beach Resort.First order of business: Food!Food options in


What started out as an attempt to break the monotony on how I spend my weekends has turned into somesort of a stress reliever for me. I spend 1-4 hours on the man made lakes of Pradera in Lubao, Pampanga or in Nuvali, Santa Rosa. I have come to love this sport. The sport itself is unforgiving, it’s not easy at the onset, I appreciated the challenge it brings. Inspite