Long weekend in Toronto and Niagara

I have been to New York city twice in the past and after learning that Toronto was very much like the big apple, I was definitely excited to see it. (Think shopping!) After a 5 hour train ride from Montreal, we arrived at “the six”. While the costs vary we spent between 50-60 Cad on the train ride. Much like any other mega city, the cost of living in Toronto

One rainy day in Ottawa, Canada

On my last visit to Montreal, my sister and I decided to visit Ottawa for the day. Canada’s capital was pretty accessible from Montreal, after a two and a half hour bus ride we arrive at one of the seventh coldest capitals in the world. At this point, I didn’t know much about the Canada’s capital and what is there to see except for the fact that we are having

Three times a charm in Montreal, Quebec the city of saints

There are several ways to get to Montreal, either flying direct to Vancouver from Manila and then taking a local flight to Montreal or through SG or Japan and then direct to Montreal. Flights last 16 hours and depending on your lay over time, the travel can take up to 24 hours. Having been to Montreal three times now, I wanted to share with you my personal favorites; places, experiences

3 days in Bratislava

Having told people that that I will be visiting this city, I have been asked why, it’s not a typical destination and that was the very reason we are going! Arriving after a quick two-hour train ride, we set off to immediately see the surroundings, right way you are brought back in what seems to be dark and eerie times, although the country has been independent since 1993, all around

3 Trips to Japan in 3 years

Although Japan belongs to most travel bucket lists, I believe no one’s really emphasized the fact that this country is one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world. From its preserved colorful culture to its first world modernization that stuns the whole world, you simply cannot capture the whole of Japan in a few nights.  And this is what enticed me to visit the North Eastern country once

How I spent 4 days in Paris, France

Paris, je t’aime or Paris I Love you to most of us. Almost two years since I set my foot in this beautiful city, I can still remember the feeling it brought me. Much like how I felt when I first saw Times Square in NYC, Paris, France gave me the chills that I will forever treasure. The Parisian Experience Ah, the city of love. Who would pass up on the

3 days in Vienna, Austria

After spending a few days in Czech Republic, we moved to Vienna and boy was Vienna awe inspiring. Old world opulence mixed with modern sensibilities, that’s how I would describe this city. While Prague was dreamy like a fairy tale, Vienna will show you how the royals lived back in the day. Endless gardens, magnificent palaces and Gothic style cathedrals. All over the city, you see these buildings with gargoyles

3 days in Prague, Czech Republic

We started our great eastern European adventure in Prague, flying through Istanbul, it was a 16-hour trip. Arriving mid-day, after quick shower, we immediately head out not wasting any time. And must I say, I told myself after stepping out of the hotel. Now I am in Europe! Famous Red roofs The heart of the city is in the old town square, the place is packed with restaurants, quaint cafes

4 days in Budapest, Hungary

Enter Budapest, as we draw closer to Istanbul, we were welcomed with a city that had a completely different flavor altogether. In one corner, one can see Gothic and neo-gothic architecture and on the other you see the Ottoman or Turkish Structures. Enter Budapest, as we draw closer to Istanbul, we were welcomed with a city that had a completely different flavor altogether. In one corner, one can see Gothic

4 days in Seoul

I will start this post by saying, if you have plans on going to Tokyo anytime soon, but also have Seoul in your travel list, I suggest you go to South Korea first. Trust me on this! While both countries have issues with each other, they have long intertwined history. If you look closely enough, their traditional dresses, food, architecture look a like. Both countries will definitely argue the differences…