How I spent 4 days in Paris, France

Paris, je t’aime or Paris I Love you to most of us. Almost two years since I set my foot in this beautiful city, I can still remember the feeling it brought me. Much like how I felt when I first saw Times Square in NYC, Paris, France gave me the chills that I will forever treasure. The Parisian Experience Ah, the city of love. Who would pass up on the

Bali, Indonesia for 5 days

Indonesia has 17,508 islands with hundreds of beautiful locations to visit and enjoy for any short or long holiday. I have had a chance to live in Jakarta in the past and it is very much reminiscent of Manila, the hustle and bustle of its downtown metropolis, the traffic jam and even some of the words they speak mimic that of ours! Indonesia is so much like Manila and the


What started out as an attempt to break the monotony on how I spend my weekends has turned into somesort of a stress reliever for me. I spend 1-4 hours on the man made lakes of Pradera in Lubao, Pampanga or in Nuvali, Santa Rosa. I have come to love this sport. The sport itself is unforgiving, it’s not easy at the onset, I appreciated the challenge it brings. Inspite