I have been to New York city twice in the past and after learning that Toronto was very much like the big apple, I was definitely excited to see it. (Think shopping!)

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After a 5 hour train ride from Montreal, we arrived at “the six”. While the costs vary we spent between 50-60 Cad on the train ride.

Much like any other mega city, the cost of living in Toronto is 21% higher than that of Montreal. And with Toronto being Canada’s largest municipality, I couldn’t wait what the city offered, albeit the higher prices.

Downtown Toronto

As we arrived in the Union station, we were welcomed with the hustle and bustle of the city. It was NBA final season and everyone was in the partying mood!

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With over 180 languages and dialects are spoken in Toronto, it was a city full of color, flavor and wonder. From the subway stations, to the street trams, I couldn’t help myself and really feel that I am in a city that has so much to offer!

Toronto’s street cars

Toronto 3d Sign

Of course, as tourists we needed to the see the iconic 3D Toronto sign at the Nathan Philipps Square. As we arrived, the rain had just stopped and there we few tourists taking photos.

Much like famous landmarks across the globe, this sign changes its colors too! From the gay pride colors to the city’s colors of black, white, red, gold and silver.

Union Station

Located at the Front street west, lies Union station also known as the Corridor because of its central position in Canada’s inter-city rail service area.

Yep, it looks like that of NYC and it is as magnificent and massive!

The Union Station is owned by the municipal government of Toronto

This station is the second rail way station in North America serving over 72 million passengers each year! If only we had the time, I would have spent hours here just roaming around and watching people go by.

CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium

Not a big fan of observation towers, but when in Rome, right?

We also visited the CN tower, with a height of 553.3 meters and completed in 1976 and it takes about 15 seconds to get up to the observation deck.

While on the deck, you can shop for souvenirs (including the one they take of you upon entry), eat and learn around the cityscape that you can see from up top.

Attached to the tower is Canada’s Ripley’s Aquarium. With Trina and Ethan we went to experience Ripley’s. With over 20,000 aquatic animals inside we enjoyed the afternoon looking at jellyfish and even touching stingrays!

Grafitti Alley

One afternoon when I had some free time, I sneaked out to find what all the fuss was with Graffiti Alley in Toronto.

I haven’t been to the Croft Alley Graffiti in Melbourne, so excited to see this one for myself. The alley is on rush lane south of Queen west and when google tells you it is massive, it is not joking.

Street after street, corner after corner the graffiti, no, art, was all over this area and according to the internet much of them stay, but a lot are added and changed every so often.

Graffiti Alley wasn’t always accepted in the past, but now it is a sight to see and a must for any Toronto tourist!

Niagara falls, Clifton Hills and wine tasting

No visit will ever be complete without seeing the biggest water fall in the world. Yes, Niagara falls!

We booked a day tour to see us around Niagara city and the surrounding tourist spots and that didn’t disappoint.

Niagara falls is actually made of three falls, American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls, the largest.

Clifton Hill & Wine tasting

While waiting for our turn to the falls, we had time to eat lunch and walk around Clifton hill. The street also known as Street of fun, is Las Vegas meets Six Flags. With themed restaurants and arcade games, there is entertainment for any age.

Click to watch the experience while we were on the boat!

After that exhilarating trip to Falls, we headed to visit a few more stops. From doing a quick Wine tasting trip at the Pillitteri estate winery to seeing the world’s smallest chapel. The trip will fill your whole day and it is a must for every visitor going to Toronto or Ontario.

Everyone does say that the Canadian side is a lot better than that of the American side. please click on the short video to see the falls up close!

Be the judge of that and click on the short video, below. Leave a comment afterwards!

40 million tourists

Toronto was amazing, from experience the how people went wild when Raports won the NBA, to seeing all their famous tourist spots. I love visiting cities that has so much to offer, not just the typical shopping fare, but rather a mix of nature and good old fun.

This city welcomes over 40 million tourists yearly and now I know why.

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