When I first heard about the immersive theater called Tipsy Tales, I thought it was going to be a cheesy Filipino style horror walk through attraction.
You know that one we all grew up with, the loud screams, running around and things being thrown around matched with creepy sounds to complete the horror effects.
Boy I was in for a surprise! Tipsy Tales’ Lambana was a mix of good old Filipino folklore and a make your own adventure novel, but in real life. I was all smiles throughout the show!

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Immersive Theater

It is a first for me to be in what seems to be a play, yet I am part of the cast, I am part of the story, I get to choose where I go next, what I experience next.
These actors seemed like they didn’t have a script to memorize, rather, a story line, a persona. Each of them had their own environments their own little worlds that they ruled over.

Filipino Folklore

Growing up we all have versions of the “Nuno sa Punso”, “Dwende”, “Sirena”, “Kapre” and a lot more. I never thought I would come to see them face to face much more, speak and interact with them.
We experienced the show with 4 boys who, apparently have seen the show couple of times, and they all seemed enthralled with the idea of a mere story unfolding in front of you. A story you can touch, feel, hear and see.

Be part of the story

That said, I had a great time in Tipsy Tales’ Lambana, and definitely recommend it! It is far from the good old scare tactics of a show you went to when you were younger.  
It is smart, engaging and evocative. They even adjust the story line from Tagalog to English if need be. Personally, I would’ve wanted it in Tagalog but one of the audience was a foreigner.
I cannot wait to come back and have a different story unfold in front of me. 

Brilliant showmanship

Thanks to the team for the extra touch of detail, placing my name in certificate in Lola Mila’s house, giving the experience a tad more personal touch. 
Kudos to the all the Staff and Actors of this wonderful production! Looking forward to you bringing this show to the rest of the country.

Check them out today!Tipsy Tales Theater is at the top floor of the Eastwood Mall in Libis Quezon city. Shows are from Monday to Sunday starting at 1pm and the last show at 8.30PM. Tickets are at Php 1,199.Or call them at (02) 8362 3456 for any queries.
Check out their website for more details at www.tipsytales.ph and instagram account https://www.instagram.com/tipsytales.ph/

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